I'm planning to cycle from Saigon to Ca Mau in July.

Plan to do a long 1st day out of Saigon and hoping to get to Tra Vinh for my first sleep and then tootle on down the coast.

Got about a week to get from Tra Vinh to Ca Mau and was planning to try to hug the east coast roads.

Are there any of these 'must sees' that I keep hearing about along that way?

I'm assuming there are ferries, or at least boats to get me over the various branches of the Mekong along the way without me having to come too far inland.

Does anyone how close to the southern tip I can find accommodation, no matter how basic? Đất Mũi, maybe?

That sounds like a top trip. I saw the following over on Travelfish sometime ago. It is a similar trip but by motorbike but it gives you some idea about accomodation, things to see and connections by ferry.

Just one more thing, it looks like you will have about half a dozen options for accommodation at Năm Căn, the closest town of any size near the tip. Looks to be about 10 kms short of Đất Mũ town itself. Hope this helps.

Would love to hear about your trip when you do it.

Hi mate,

That sounds like a serious 1st day. HCM to Tra Vinh is around 143km with a lot of ferry crossings which will eat up your time.

I found pretty much everywhere in the Mekong Delta when I hit a canal there was a ferry option to get to the other side, whether one man rowing a few cyclist over or huge car ferrys crossing the larger waterways.

I didn't follow the coast but my journey on a bicycle to Ca Mau I recorded in my December 2014 blog:-

If it's of any help.

To be honest Ca Mau & much of the surrounds was a bit of a disapointment & I think there's much better areas & cycling routes elsewhere in the Mekong Delta but perhaps I just chose the wrong roads.

Have a great trip & if you get the chance please let us know how it went.