Not a very big deal to serve you the complex construction, but some of the Reasons to choose Vietnam Tour with Vietnam By Bike are: research the most beautiful backroads for cycling, connect you with all about the locals, collect the most beautiful sceneries for pictures and more.. 

The best way to explore the Mekong Delta in Vietnam is cycling through a land of intriguing contrasts: Exotic silks and down-to-earth rice farmers. Explore daily life in this atmospheric Vietnam by stunning along the legendary of Mekong River in Vietnam. 

Bustling cities and ancient temples. Mornings observing monks' rituals unchanged for centuries, evenings spent enjoying modern comforts on the river. Let the Mekong be your guide to this mysterious part of Southeast Asia—it's adventure travel at its finest.

Island evaluation is a service in New Horizons offered by villagers at a very charming Mekong Riverside after our leader completes this day at Mekong biking spot on the deserted island and the first island visitor finishes moving in as a resident. The task force surveyed island residents and visitors, the island's popularity on a scale of 20,000 to 21,000 people that is called AN BINH ISLAND (you can easily find this island information at any tourist spots). That means the An Binh island in Vinh Long is one of the most beautiful islands and very popular for tourist explorers.

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