When visiting Thailand, it is natural to head to Bangkok, but your itinerary should also include other destinations beyond the capital. From small towns to natural wonders or pagoda, Khoa Yai Nationl Park is a unique tourist destination. In this notes, we would like to share our highlights with you.

Khao Yai, Thailand, is also popular location for tourist, became a big hit and became included in many the tour operators’s travel itineraries after making headline all over the globe in multiple media channels and news platform by the stories of interesting animals, especially the elephants.

1. World Heritage:

This UNESCO World Heritage site, is also Thailand's oldest and most visited national park established in 1962. It covers more than 2,100 square kilometers. The park boasts a lush green landscape, rugged mountains with thick forests, marvellous waterfalls, exotic species of birds and animals.

Biking Group With Vietnam By Bike

Being the third largest park in this nations, Khao Yai National Park is spread across four territories, including Nakhon Nayok, Saraburi, Prachinburi, and Nakhon Ratchasima. In addition to this, this park also features Khao Rom, which is also the highest peak and reaches over 1,300 meters above sea level.

Other than this, the park is mainly popular for its exotic flora and fauna, pristine waterfalls, and beautiful monsoon forest. Visitors will get to admire species such as leopards, tigers, gibbons, bears, elephants, and many more. And they will also get to witness over 300 different bird species. Travelers from around the world come flocking here for its mesmerizing hiking trails.

2. Camping in Khao Yai

Camping is a must do activity at Khao Yai National Park. Khao Yai National Park is absolutely perfect for camping. Camping under the stars whilst listening to the sounds of wildlife, what could be better!

The park has a few campgrounds but Lam Ta Khong is the pick of the bunch. The location of the campsite is beautiful. It is right by a river teething with wildlife and a beautiful bridge that you can walk across which marks the start of a trail. Lam Ta Khong campground is located in the centre of the Khao Yai National Park, a short distance away from the visitor center. Take the road leading to Haew Suwat Waterfall and the campground will be on your left. It is easy to find, maps are available from the visitor center.

3. Fun facts

To make cycling in Khao Yai from Bangkok, take highway 2 heading East to Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat). Pak Chong is the nearest town to the parks entrance, and can also be reached by trains and buses by taking the Bangkok to Korat service. Once at Pak Chong you can either rent a car or motorbike or take a songthaew to the parks main northern entrance.

How much taxi from Bangkok airport to Khao Yai? A single trip from any hotel, airport in Bangkok to North of Khao Yai costs appoximately 2,200 Baht up. The trip takes around 2hour 15 minutes to 2hour 30 minutes in good traffic with no congestion.

Nearly for the sunflower festival bloom at Khao Yai, which begins around beginning of December annually, this is the perfect time for you to visit.

It is possible to explore the Khao Yai National Park by bicycle, private car, motorcycle, or scooter. Khao Yai is also one of the most popular destination for bikers in Thailand and in the globe, frequently seen on the roads, quite often in small or large group. The visitor information is nearly 13 km from the Northern checkpoint.

4. Khao Yai Bike Tours

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