Perfume River has two main sources originated from the Truong Son Mountain Range. The main river of Left Bank (Ta Trach) is about 67 km long, along the Bach Ma National Park flowing in the northwest with 55 beautiful & majestic waterfalls which are through the town of Nam Dong and then confluence with the Right Bank (Huu Trach) at Bang Lang junction (about 3 km north of Minh Mang Mausoleum). Right Bank is about 60 km long, which flows north, crosses 14 waterfalls and crosses the Tuan ferry to Bang Lang junction, where they meet and form Perfume River (so-called Huong River in Vietnamese). You can choose cycling along the perfume river in Hue to Hoi An with one of the best rural sceneries after taking Tuan Ferry in south east Hue Citadel.

"Hen Islet" in the middle of the Perfume River

Perfume River in Hue, with Phu Xuan Bridge (before) and Da Vien Bridge (later). From Bang Lang to Thuan An river mouth, Perfume River is 33 km long and flows very slowly (because river water level is not much higher than sea level). As it flows along the foot of Ngoc Tran, the water of the Huong River is greenery - this is Hon Chen (bowl islet). There is a very deep area for cycling in the beautiful scenery. Perfume River is listed one of the most beautiful in Vietnam since 1987 when viewed from the beginning stream and as it flows around the root of Truong Son Mountain Range, through the thick forests of the tropical/wet flora. The river flows slowly through villages such as Kim Long, Nguyet Bieu, Vy Da, Dong Ba, Gia Hoi, Dinh market, Nam Pho, Bao Vinh. It was a top-mountain of emotion for tourists as they sailed along the river to watch the scenery and listen to traditional Hue folk songs.

The architectural works on both sides of the river include citadels, towns, gardens, pagodas, and  temples. Their reflections on waterways bring the poetry and musicality of the river. Many people associate the tranquility, elegant and beautiful scenery of Cycling Along The Perfume River in Hue.