We are very happy to take this opportunity to share with you how about Vietnamese people and Vietnam country ?

1. Vietnamese people: Kind and friendly

In comparison with people from other countries in Southeast Asia, most Vietnamese are hospitable and helpful which is the most important reason for you to travel to Vietnam and stay longer for your holiday.

We strongly believe you will feel exactly the same as we do when you look at our Vietnamese people. They give you their beautiful smile at first sight and do not hesitate to help any foreign visitors, which makes this country so exciting for travelers.

2. Vietnamese foods: The Most Delicious in South East Asia

Besides the Vietnamese traditional food known as “Pho" (Vietnamese noodle soup), Vietnam also has hundreds of delicious dishes such as: bánh xèo pancake, Nem cuốn spring roll, vermicelli... With more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline stretching along the eastern sea (Pacific ocean), Vietnam has a lot of fresh foods on their menu. The Vietnamese food has a different style versus other countries in Southeast Asia. Moreover, with a tropical weather and climate, it's great for vegetables which you can combine to your colorful foods.

3. Diligence

When traveling around Vietnam, you can say Vietnamese are very diligent in general and our society is greatly influenced by Confucianism. Consequently, diligence is one of the most important virtues that people tend to pursue it.

4. Prospective Society

Vietnam is still a developing country, which means this is a good environment for you to invest into your future. You should take this wonderful opportunity either Right now or Never ! It's always impressive about her people by mentality and human resources.

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